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To make more sales you need a proven way to consistently convert prospects into clients. Over the past three years we’ve perfected a proven sales process called Consistent AdvisorSM. By following the steps outlined in this program, you’ll easily double or even triple your production.
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How do we do it?

Consistent Advisor shows you the field-tested and proven processes to run a successful and thriving financial firm. If you implement Consistent Advisor, in less than 6 weeks you’ll see dramatic results, and in less than one year you’ll double your production.

Our Guarantee

Whether you sell life insurance, annuities, or a combination of both, we guarantee you’ll double your production without tricks or gimmicks. This isn’t a new slick way to say some magical words and get the client to say yes. Instead it’s a field-tested and proven program that’s taken producers with less than 2-year’s experience to those with more than 25-year’s experience and shown them that successful selling comes through repetition.

But you need to do the right things — in the right way and at the right time — to get the best results. Consistent Advisor shows you the way.

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