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Digital Marketing for Financial Advisors – An Introduction

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Financial advisors need to optimize their marketing to not only reach more prospects, but also the right prospects.  Digital marketing is an absolute must for anyone serious about marketing in any field, and especially when it comes to targeting the clients you want most.  Digital marketing is a multi-component marketing strategy that enables you to get the most bang for your marketing buck. And let’s face it, it’s 2018, if you’re not focused on digital marketing, you’re sitting on the sidelines.


Website Design

The bedrock of digital marketing is a strong website that represents your business. Your website is the first place potential clients visit. Your homepage has about 5 seconds to clearly communicate what you’re offering, how it will make your prospect’s life better, and how to buy your service. If you can’t make an immediate impact, potential clients will move on.


Lead Generation

Your website will be your biggest lead generator. Using a variety of different approaches, you can offer prospects value through informative free guides in exchange for their email address. There are few more efficient ways to capture leads than through a strong lead generation magnet on your website.


Email Marketing

Once you’ve built up your email list you can then keep your services in your prospects’ mind on a regular basis with an email marketing campaign.  By continually providing value with engaging emails and strategically calling your prospects to action you’ll start seeing conversion percentages steadily increase. Best of all – it’s all automated.


Content & SEO

Blogging combined with SEO is the single best way to produce traffic for your website. You can speak directly to your prospects regularly. It’s your opportunity to establish yourself as an expert and continually provide value to the people who regularly look at your website, and to the new prospects who will find you through SEO keyword searches.


Pay-Per-Click Ads

A PPC campaign helps you effectively target prospects who are searching for the very thing you’re offering. A strategically run campaign can be one of the most effective tools for getting the right people to see your offerings, at the right time, and give you invaluable data to refine your efforts.   


Social Media

Social media platforms are an excellent way to reach your target audience. Complex and ever-changing algorithms can make it challenging, but when properly managed, social media marketing is a very effective component of your digital marketing strategy.

Getting the most out of every marketing dollar starts with a digital marketing plan. Reaching more of the right prospects more often, and at the right time, means more clients.

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