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Why Advisors Need to Take Advantage of Digital Marketing

By May 8, 2018 No Comments

The evolution of technology has essentially changed the landscape of every business today. The we find businesses and search for prospect has completely changed. Nowadays, Advisors who are active with radio and television advertising report that they aren’t receiving nearly as many phone calls as they used to. This is because of the digital age. Television is no longer the most powerful form of advertising anymore. You will have a much easier time reaching your audience on the internet.

Recent statistics have shown that people 50 years or older spend an average of 19 hours a week on the internet, and 60 percent of these people regularly use social media. What are you doing to account for the digital migration?

Test Yourself

If you key in the terms “financial advisor” or “retirement planning” into your designated search engine, you may notice that there are mostly big companies that dominate the top results with little emphasis geared towards smaller, local, operations. Independent advisors simply aren’t competing for the online consumer like they should be. They don’t see the internet as a steady form of lead generation when in fact it’s the best source of lead generation that you’ll get.

Opportunity Is Out There

With so few of your local competitors fighting for the attention of online consumers, you have a great chance to tackle the marketplace and generate a lot more leads than you would through any other method of marketing. If you don’t have the resources and/or funds to launch a full tilt marketing campaign all at once, then focus on one thing at a time that you’d like to improve upon.

The best thing to focus on first would be your website. This is how you make the best first impression and generate leads in the most effective way. If you start a search engine click or social media campaign but don’t have a site that will impress your desired demographic, then that campaign is due to fail.

Next Steps

Before you consult someone to help with your online marketing efforts, it would be helpful to know where your client base is coming from and what motivates the people who visit your site to enlist in your service. Figure out how people find you so an experienced company can help you get in front of prospective clients at a more effective rate.

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