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You may sell IULs today, but do you really know how to sell IULs?

We’ve seen countless “sales platforms” come and go and they all have the same thing in common – no follow up support, poor software solutions, one and done training, zero in the field point of sale help. Our strategic relationship with TriQuest USA bridges the gap on all the shortcomings that other systems provide.

The MGA Difference
As you already know, all MGA's are not created equally. Many of them are great business entrepreneurs who can negotiate a good contract with an insurance company, but they come up short when it's time to train agents in the finer art of writing business and providing the know-how to managing a client's money.

Merle is an MGA and a high-producing agent writing business every day. He personally produced more than million of target premium in the last six years. He's on the ground with clients as well as supporting and mentoring his agents who look to him for products, services and support. Merle has built a reputation as a successful MGA by teaching his agents how to write more business and providing the support to do it. He and TriQuest USA team of experts are always available to help agents with questions, challenges and support.

Ask yourself which will make you more money in the long run:
• An MGA who offers a higher contract, but little support?
• An MGA who offers a good contract and outstanding support?

The Support Difference
Agents who contract with TriQuest USA know MGA Merle Gilley and his core team of experts will continually provide them with great selling ideas as well as the necessary tools to write more business.

Not satisfied with some of the financial tools that many MGA's use, Merle worked with a top-notch software company to develop TriQuest USA's signature financial planning software. Three years and a quarter-million dollars later, TriQuest USA agents consistently benefit from this unique process which allows their current and potential clients to quickly look into the future to see how much money they could have through smarter, safer investing.

Merle and his team of experts are continually pushing for better and smarter ways to help your target audience see the benefits you offer. And, as TriQuest USA agents will tell you, Merle and his experts are always a phone call or email away. Whether through frequent webinars or IUL Boot Camps held in Virginia, Merle and his team of experts consistently train TriQuest USA agents through comprehensive, educational seminars in order to keep them up to date on cutting-edge financial strategies.

The Marketing Difference
If your MGA is not continually providing you the correct marketing tools to attract more clients in our ever-changing economy, then you may be missing out on a substantial amount of money.

Merle possesses a strong background in marketing which he gained while owning a successful advertising agency for 17 years. He understands how to build a brand and keep it growing. This means TriQuest USA agents are continually updated with successful Web sites, ad campaigns, seminars, brochures, PowerPoint presentations, proprietary financial software and more. Imagine the impact you could make with these types of tools and strong support.

TriQuest USA provides a Marketing Material Support Center to help TriQuest USA agents grow their business. The benefit to you is that TriQuest has already paid for the writing and graphic design costs. The cost to revise these materials to fit your needs is minimal. You are also encouraged to share your successful marketing materials so we can pool our great ideas and use them to prosper.

The Income Difference
Simple math will tell you that a supportive, motivated, and trustworthy MGA will help you increase your income better than an all-talk, all-frills MGA who only wants your money. At TriQuest USA, we expand our agent's knowledge of IUL strategies for wealth management so you can earn as much money as possible, with little or no interference from us.


TriQuest USA’s Boot Camp for Index Universal Life and other financial strategies has agents traveling from across the country to attend.


These agents realize a perfect financial storm is upon them, but they cannot fully capitalize on it within their current working relationships.

Timing is everything.

Agents are finding when they contract with TriQuest USA and have access to the MGA’s unique abilities, they are able to seize this incredibility opportunity in time to make great things happen for their clients and themselves.

TriQuest USA's two-day boot camp is for you if:

• You're a life insurance agent dissatisfied with your current MGA or IMO.

• You're an annuity agent disenchanted with the index and fixed annuities (like consumers are).

• You don't fully understand the advantages of using an Index Life policy for wealth management.

• You're looking to write more business but your current MGA provides no useful assistance or training.

• You're interested in learning the nuts and bolts about Index Universal Life, a relatively new product that is well on its way to revolutionizing the insurance business because of its capacity to capture a large percentage of stock market index gains without the exposure to market losses.

Advanced Training for TriQuest Agents

At boot camp agents learn the basics of IULs. But what is considered basic training at TriQuest is advanced training for at other IUL marketing organizations. Once you've mastered "our basics" you'll have what you need to make a good living selling IULs. But if your goal is to become a million dollar earner you will need more ... a lot more! To help you achieve your goals and dreams, TriQuest provides our agents with two additional live training events.

At TriQuest Advance Program (TAP) you'll become proficient with our 10-step sales process. This is the key if you want your clients to view you as a trusted advisor instead of a product-pusher.

We'll show you the correct way to gather data using the Confidential Questionnaire; then take it to the next step of using the One-on-One Calculator to show the PROBLEM (running out of money during retirement) and why the IUL provides the best SOLUTION.

When you leave TAP you will know how to unleash the power of TriQuest's One-On-One Calculator ... the most powerful IUL sales and presentation tool in the industry!

As a partner of TriQuest USA with Synergy we will help every step of the way to ensure you are no longer alone in the field to help you close business. Call us at 855.315.1600 for availabity at the next webinar and boot camp, or for more information.

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